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For the holiday season, our cannabis company sought a concept that would prominently showcase our brand’s vibrant green identity. Opting for a sleek monotone aesthetic using existing images, we took it a step further by photographing two product images using the cannabis flower. Embracing the festive spirit, we played on the mistletoe tradition and gifting concept, developing two compelling themes that position our unique flower as the hero of the holidays. The result is a visually striking campaign that not only celebrates the season but also highlights our brand’s distinct identity in the cannabis market.

Leveraging my retouching expertise, I transformed existing product images into a captivating monotone look, aligning seamlessly with our brand’s green aesthetic for the holiday campaign. These meticulously edited visuals, showcasing our cannabis flower-inspired products, serve as a unifying element for both print and digital platforms.
At Canapo Growth, I managed the Tweed retail space, ensuring our campaigns translated seamlessly into the store environment. I took charge of creating and implementing vinyl stickers and posters to showcase our campaigns in-store, enhancing the overall brand presence for Tweed.

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