At the NRF event, Coveo aimed to make a bold statement amidst the crowd of software solutions. Our booth design was more than just a spaceā€”it was an embodiment of our brand's essenceĀ Featuring dynamic screens, a cozy lounge interior, and a unique activation section inspired by the city streets, our booth aimed to captivate and engage attendees with an unforgettable experience.
Converting flat sketches into 3D mock-ups was pivotal in realizing our vision. These mock-ups served as a crucial communication tool, enabling our team to visualize the final product and providing clear guidance to our suppliers. Seamless transition from concept to mock-up ensured alignment across stakeholders, facilitating the realization of our creative vision
In the competitive world of trade shows, standing out is essential. Our street sign activation exemplified the power of innovative design, becoming a focal point and generating buzz among attendees.It underscored the importance of creativity in leaving a lasting impression and highlighted the need for out-of-the-box thinking
in brand representation.

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